The construction company Kalanidis Group, based in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki, specializes in the construction of private and public projects. It undertakes renovations and restorations of residential buildings and hotels.

The history of KALANIDIS GROUP began in 2000 when Christoforos Kalanidis and Dimitris Kalanidis started their activities in the construction sector, founding a family business. They undertake the construction of private and public projects, commercial buildings, and hotels in Greece and abroad. Reliability and responsibility towards the client characterize their work. In 2015, they simultaneously started activities in hotel management and tourism accommodations under the name GREEK PRIDE HOTELS.

Achieving their goals and gaining recognition worldwide for their projects, in 2021, a milestone year for the company, “GREEK PRIDE GROUP IKE” was established by the brothers Christoforos and Dimitris Kalanidis, uniting the construction company KALANIDIS GROUP and hospitality management GREEK PRIDE HOTELS. Demonstrating great flexibility, the company expanded into a wide range of activities, including the construction of main residential buildings, vacation homes, and commercial spaces (shops, offices, hotels), as well as activities in the tourism sector: hotel management of all categories and private properties.

The company continues its successful course with property construction, sales, and leases, studies and construction of private projects, renovations of residential and commercial spaces, and technical services.

Our company’s philosophy, KALANIDIS GROUP, is to offer our clients comprehensive proposals and solutions that meet their specialized needs. With our specialized and technologically equipped teams, we carry out all construction work. With our own specialized and technologically equipped crews, we handle all construction works.

We have experienced scientific and technical staff, and our goal is high construction quality, modern design, and competitive prices.

We offer free cost estimates for work and provide clients with a free consultation with an engineer for the final study and completion of the project.

Skala Fourkas, 63077 Kassandra, Halkidiki